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"Being born into a family of artists, I was exposed to the visual arts and literature at a very young age. Having traveled extensively on three continents, I have integrated the primitive arts, looking for global harmony. The respect for nature has always been a strong source of inspiration that I seek to share and preserve."

Catherine Mascrès


Illustration by the artist Allison Carmichael

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Catherine Mascres was born on May 20th, 1954 in Charenton-le-Pont, today part of Paris. Under the influence of her parents, who both moved in artistic circles, she quickly developed her taste for art and literature.

At the age of fifteen she moved with her mother to Montréal, Québec, in Canada where she became bilingual. Her love for animals drove her to study agriculture, while nevertheless maintaining her artistic activities in Montréal, her mind opened up to the world of the art of the indigenous people. Multiple journeys to the United States and to Central America brought her close to the culture of the Indians, the Mayas and contemporary popular art.

After a couple of years of working in her profession as an agricultural engineer, she went to Uganda to help street children in creating small agricultural projects, the benefits of which are are used to support these children, in particular in their school education. During all these years she continued to develop her artistic skills and activities. In Africa, she absorbed with enthusiasm the energy emanating from the forms and colours of the "primitive Art" and the contemporary popular art of the people of East and Central Africa. The rather sinister and perturbing experiences during the years of Civil war in Uganda added a dynamic, sometimes disquieting quality to her work and pushed her to search for a harmonious union of the conflicting currents of the human experience.

In 1993 Catherine Mascres settled in the "Haute Vallee de l'Aude" in southern France, where she raised her two sons as well as looking after a small food chain to sustain her family on the most natural nutrition. She now dedicates her free time almost exclusively to Art. Thus , Catherine Mascres is an artist benefiting of the influence of three continents:

Fifteen years in America, ten years in Africa and of course Europe. Her art is without frontier. The way she composes form and colour is inspired by these three cultures, from North to South, from East to West.

She takes up the swinging movement from African or Hawaiian Dances, the symbolism of the Mayas and the Eskimos and the European tradition of painting and sculpting, always in the quest for Universal Harmony. Further to her paintings on the "canvas" of a t-shirt, she produces designs in China ink, the motifs being symbolist, tribalistic or resembling mandalas; her arrangements on wooden panels of objects collected in nature as well as her sculptures of stones, wood and bones add surrealistic ideas to the harmony of nature. The transformation of the glass panes of old windows by gluing shells, pieces of glass ground round by the surf of the sea, coloured and translucent pebbles, create works which emanate a warm and enchanted light.

When you dive into the artistic universe of Catherine Mascres; you will see a whole new perspective and emerge with new ideas.

Adress: 6 rue Eugène Stublein, 11260 Fa, France

Email : ( please use this email address without the brackets.

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