Aude Artists - art in Languedoc Roussillon, South France

Illustration, portraits, landscapes and website design

Allison Carmichael is an English illustrator, graphic web designer and artist who paints beautiful landscapes and portraits in a bold and provocative style and also creates illustrations and graphic design in France.

Food Paintings

Vanilla Beer paints humorous paintings of food with passion and pazzaz.

Giant insect sculptures by David Vanorbeek, France

David Vanorbeek Sculpture visit site for iron and bronze sculptures magically shaped into natural forms.

Chantal Thomas

Chantal Thomas is a superb colourist, with abstract paintings that have a power and intensity which hold the eye.

 Murals and exhibitions by an abstract artist in New York
New York Abstract Artist

Abstract artist, Susan Olmetti creates murals, paintings and self-portraits.
Art shows in New York and London.

Community art in the UK - The Art of Change undertakes public community art in London, Stevenage, Oxford and Bournemouth - UK public art.

Modern artists surrealism prints: surreal fantasy digital & fine-art images gallery.

Agora Art Gallery Contemporary art gallery established 1984, located at the center of the New York Chelsea fine art galleries district. Art consulting services are provided to corporate and private art collectors. Collective exhibitions feature diverse contemporary art of various genres including painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and mixed media. Artist portfolios are reviewed.

Holiday gites in Aude with a computer in Couiza, Aude, with free Internet access, near Rennes le Chateau, Limoux and Quillan.

Cath Mascres art review Art review of Cath's artwork - Art Review lets you share your art and ideas with a collection of galleries, collectors and other artists.

Bespoke cards - Affordable original art and bespoke cards and greetings cards, plus watcolours Cathar Castle paintings by painter Elizabeth Medley-Smith.

Other artists in Aude. To view paintings by other talented artists in the Aude region, see

The Aude, in the South of France Information on all aspects of the Aude in the Languedoc, South of France.

The best French Films Information on and reviews of the top French language films. Production details and cinema posters for dozens of the best films from France and other francophone countries.

Real French Poodles Pedigree Standard Poodles bred in France as large traditional water retrievers, and hunting and working dogs.

Languedoc Mysteries Languedoc mysteries including Rennes-le-Chateau and the mystery of the Abbe Saunier, Cathars and Cathar Wars, Languedoc History, Counts of Toulouse, Dualism & Heresy, Gnosticism, Castles & Chivalry, Troubadours.

Rennes-le-Château Mysteries Languedoc mysteries including Rennes-le-Chateau , The Ark of the Covenant, Knights Templars, The Holy Grail , The Priory of Sion, The Jewish Kabbalah, The Da Vinci Code, the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail.

Rennes-le-Château Books Information and reviews of books about Rennes-le-Chateau and the mystery of the Abbe Saunier, Cathars and Cathar Wars, Dualism & Heresy, Gnosticism, Languedoc History, Counts of Toulouse, Castles & Chivalry, Troubadours.

Cathar Information The leading English language web site on the Cathars of the Languedoc: Origins and history, beliefs, texts and martyrdom

Cathar Castles Information on Cathar Castles: Description, location, history, owners, architecture, role in the Cathar Wars, photographs and maps.

Midi Photos Professional quality Photographs of the Languedoc and South of France.

Gite in Esperaza in the South of France Accommodation for holiday rental in the town of Espéraza in the Aude: details, facilities, prices, availability, maps, photos.

Holiday rental in Aude at Maison de l'Eglise - Traditional village accommodation for holiday rental in the Aude: details, facilities, prices, availability, maps, photos

Carcassonne Penthouse Apartment for holiday rental in traditional Carcassonne: Accommodation details, facilities, prices, availability, maps, photos.

Da Vinci Game, a board game with many challenges and riddles, inspired by The Da Vinci Code, see

Mark Eccleston Wildlife Photography - Dragons and Damsels Wildlife Photography Beautiful natural landscapes and nature photography.